Latest Products Latest Products Sat, 02 Jul 2022 02:09:57 +0530 en-us Banana Leaf Powder Thu, 26 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Just like the fruit, there are medicinal uses of banana leaves powder, as well. We can use them, especially at our homes, to treat specific ailments. It contains vital substances such as proteins, polyphenols, Hemicellulose, and lignin. So many people around the world love banana fruits. However, they do not know that banana leaves powder contain a lot of health benefits. You can use it fresh or dry as an herbal. The most popular medicinal benefits include curing fever, common cold, sore throat, and cough. 100% Bananas Leaves MACHINE DRIED DEHYDATED  Note -Dehydrated powder has good quality compare to Spray Dried PACKING- 10kg,20kg or Customized in PP Woven Bags COLOUR- NATURAL GREEN CAPACITY- 500 kg/Day  CUSTOMER- Domestic & Export   USES MEDICINAL FOOD   MEDICINAL Boosts Immune System : Banana leaves powder contain a substance known as allantoin. It is capable of accelerating the healing process acting as an astringent. Small ailments that are caused by poor immune are treatable by the help of banana leaves powder. Since we do not eat banana leaves directly, we can make and drink banana tea or decoction. If you don’t want to contract ailments easily, then you should start drinking banana tea once or twice a day. It doesn’t matter if you have ailments or not, but it is good for your health. Reduces Fever : Banana leaves powder contain astringents and antioxidants, which help to reduce inflammations. Most inflammations take the form of a fever. This is when your body temperature goes beyond the normal limit. Sometimes it can happen because your immune system is fighting an underlying ailment. Banana leaves are helpful in such cases where you feel uncomfortable because of the fever. It has an astringent effect that sooth and unease your fever. Drinking its decoction several times a day helps in reducing fever. Cures Sore Throat : Having a Sore throat should not worry you as banana leaves are a strong cure. A sore throat may be a sign that you have other respiratory illnesses. However, most of them are caused by a virus; hence, antibiotics are not very useful. A sore throat can be very annoying since it makes someone feel pain when swallowing foods or drinking beverages. You can drink banana leaves decoction at least twice a day if you have a sore throat. It contains properties that will help in reducing it gradually. High in Antioxidants : Polyphenols are types of antioxidants, and they can be found in banana leaves in a high percentage. Many disorders that are caused by free radicals in our bodies can be fought by these antioxidants. Besides, it prevents micro-inflammations caused by free radicals. Micro-inflammations can be very dangerous because they can cause degenerative diseases such as cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s, and atherosclerosis. Banana leaves can prevent early aging signs such as dull and wrinkled skin because of its antioxidants levels Livestock feed : Medicinal uses of banana leaves are not found in humans alone. They are also used as livestock feed, which makes them more active and healthy. Livestock such as cows, sheep, chicken, and goats love eating banana leaves. The young leaves contain a great taste that the animals love. It is highly nutritious, and it also acts as a natural medicine to the livestock. In addition, it has lignin and proteins, which are were beneficial to animals. Heals Wounds and Skin Irritation : Bananas were used to treat irritations and wounds traditionally. This remedy still works today, and many people use it. You can also use it by crushing some banana leaves by a mortar. Then you can apply the ground product to the affected area. In addition, you can bind it with a bandage so that it can hold it firmly. Remember to change both the leaves and the bandage at least two times a day. The inflammatory properties inside the banana leaves are responsible for healing the wounds and easing the irritations. Maintains Healthy Skin : Another important banana leaves application is maintaining skin health. Who doesn’t like a smooth and glowing skin? For many generations, banana leaves have been used by the traditional spas to maintain healthy skin. You can use a blender or a mortar to crush the leaves. After crushing them, then go ahead and apply to your face and the rest of your body. It contains enough amount of antioxidants and allantoins that prevent early aging signs on the skin. Additionally, it has the ability to keep the skin moist and also reduces pimples and acne. Reduce Cellulite and Body Weight : Traditionally, banana leaves were used for weight management. Today they are still used by many spa centers for massage as well. Furthermore, you can mash the leaves and apply it on your skin to reduce cellulite. After this remedy, your skin will start glowing. Alternatively, you can steam the banana leaves and application areas such as thighs, arms or belly to cut on weight. You can now take a cup of banana leaves tea mixed with garlic to top up your treatment. Taking a diet low on calories and exercising is a plus for your health. Maintains Healthy Hair : You can use banana leaves extracts to maintain a healthy scalp, cure dandruff and maintain your natural hair color. The astringent properties are responsible for all that. For those that have a sore and an itchy scalp often can use the banana leaves mask, it is very effective BANANA POWDER Tue, 16 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Banana Powder is a rich source of fiber, vitamin A, C + B6 (which help regulate blood glucose levels and elevate mood levels) and is packed with energy, the perfect workout supplement. Its high levels of potassium help the body’s circulatory system deliver oxygen to the brain and increase blood flow. ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES : Make your favorite recipes healthier and a little sweeter. Enjoy Banana Powder in smoothies and juices, muffins, pancakes, pastries, quick breads, banana bread (naturally!), oatmeal, breakfast cereals, yogurt, dessert toppings, tea infusions, sauces, fillings and more. MAKE GOOD NUTRITION EASY ON YOURSELF : Our whole food powders deliver concentrated, long-lasting nutrients in a much smaller quantity than their fresh counterparts – making it easier to create nutrient rich food for you and your family! Shelf stable for 24 months with no refrigeration required. OUR MISSION : We believe in healthy people and a healthy planet. Offering pure ingredients to maximize your body’s natural vitality, we also work to improve the global community as a whole. We view sustainability as a way of life when choosing products, selecting partnerships, and collaborating on company decisions. 100% Bananas Fruit MACHINE DRIED DEHYDATED  Note -Dehydrated powder has good quality compare to Spray Dried PACKING- 10kg,20kg or Customized in PP Woven Bags COLOUR- Off white CAPACITY-1000KG/Day  CUSTOMER- Domestic & Export   USES MEDICINAL FOOD COSMETICS   MEDICINAL Benefits of Raw Banana Powder for Babies It helps in building immunity in babies. It is power-packed with potassium and other vital nutrients. It is easy to digest and may not cause a cough and cold like normal bananas. It helps in the development of the healthy brain in babies.   FOOD Milled starchy unripe banana powder – which is low in sugar and high in RS2 resistant starch – can help people better control their blood glucose, but they also confer an exciting range of digestive benefits, making them a powerful new gut health ingredient. Good for Heart: Just like the ripe bananas, green bananas powder too is extremely rich in potassium. You would be surprised to know that 1-cup serving of boiled green bananas contains 531 milligrams of potassium. Potassium plays an essential role in proper kidney function. Potassium is also a vasodilator, which helps in ensuring that the blood pressure levels are in check. Weight Loss Benefits : Green bananas powder is full of dietary fibres. Fibres takes the longest to digest, which in turn induces the feeling of satiety and fullness. When you feel full, your cravings are suppressed and you don't go out bingeing on other fattening foods.   Common food Applications : Beverages Confectioneries Baby Food Nutraceuticals Sweets Milk Shakes Jellies Ice Creams Baked Products     Banana Peel Powder Thu, 26 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Banana peels are a great home remedy for itchy skin. Banana peels contain histamine, lowering nutrients such as magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin E. Use a banana peel to relieve itching from poison ivy or mosquito bites. Apply the banana skin to the affected area. 100% Bananas Peels MACHINE DRIED DEHYDATED Note -Dehydrated powder has good quality compare to Spray Dried PACKING- 10kg,20kg or Customized in PP Woven Bags COLOUR- Off White CAPACITY- 1000 kg/Day  CUSTOMER- Domestic & Export   USES MEDICINAL FOOD ANIMAL FEED FERTILIZERS   MEDICINAL Main Functions of banana peel powder Banana powder can be treat inflammatory bowel disease; Banana powder can clear away heat and toxic material, dispeling heat from blood to stop bleeding Banana powder can lower blood sugar and cholesterin content, lose weight Banana powder has the function of anti-bacterial, anti-epithyte, calming, and curing sugar diabets.   FOOD Main Applications of banana peel powder Widely applied in food industry as: Flavors in seasoning packets for banana puree powder keep the original flavors Colors in ice cream, cakes for beautiful pink color of banana puree powder Also can be applied in drink mix, infant food, dairy product, bakery, candy and others Product advantages Good fluidity and dispersible in water Long preservative time than fresh fruit Easy for transportation due to powder form Made from the seasonal fruit, ensure the freshness and nutrition   ANIMAL FEED Numerous reports on the feeding of banana peels to livestock have been published since the 1960s.  Chemically, peel constitutes around 80 % water, which means 10 kg will supply only 2 kg nutrients.  This is however comparable to maize silage. These could replace fodder or silage in cattle feed. Similar to silage or maize fodder, banana peels are low in protein (around 8%). Hence if peels are a major part of diet then high protein supplements, such as cottonseed cake, chuni should be added.  Since lignin, saponin, oxalate, and trace minerals contents are high, cows should never be fed totally on banana peels. A common recommendation is to replace up to 50% of maize/sorghum silage (or green fodder on a DM basis).    FERTILIZERS Banana peels are good fertilizer because of what they do not contain. They contain absolutely no nitrogen. While plants need nitrogen (remember the NPK on fertilizers), too much nitrogen will create lots of green leaves but few berries or fruits. This means potassium-rich banana peels are excellent for plants like tomatoes, peppers or flowers. Banana peels also contain calcium, which prevents blossom end rot in tomatoes. The manganese in banana peels aids photosynthesis, while the sodium in banana peels helps water flow between cells. They even have traces of magnesium and sulfur, elements that help make chlorophyll. Banana Fiber Thu, 26 Nov 2020 00:00:00 +0530 Onion king organic liquid Fertilizer Wed, 22 Jun 2022 00:00:00 +0530 Best product Banana Pseudostem Sap Tue, 16 Feb 2021 00:00:00 +0530 Banana pseudostem sap(BPS) is used as a media (Ready raw material) in organic liquid fertilizer companies.Also it can be used directly at farms NPK fertilizer. 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